Raspberry Pi Lego case

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Yet another Raspberry Pi lego case!

So, after picking up the raspberry pi I wanted to have some kind of casing for it. I have some other plans too that I will publish later on, some which I am working. But those will take some more time. So I felt that I better have a good case now, heck. At least a case.

Raspberry Pi

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Not sure if you have heard about it. But it’s a great little computer and the demand is huge for it. The community is growing by the second, take a look at http://www.raspberrypi.org/

The pi is quite picky when it comes to peripherals, one example is keyboards. I have tested 5 different keyboards and only 3 of them worked. Unfortunately my lovely wired Apple keyboard does not work. According to some tests it’s due to the power consumption of the keyboard. I bought an external powered USB hub, a Belkin 7  port. The USB Hub did not work with the Pi. It instead killed the Ethernet of the device, however the keyboard did work.

So I returned the USB hub and bought a new one, a 4 port Noname (Deltaco) from Dustin and the one I got was flawed, so RMA on that one. My Deltaco keyboard does however work without external power, so I can finally use it at home! Yay

At the moment it runs Debian squeeze with Heezer’s rpi-updater which is an awesome firmware updater for Arch Linux and Debian.