Small python script to rename iOS-graphics to fit in Android

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Wrote a small little script when the designers only give me files that are made for iOS with the silly name ending such as @3x.png. According to the scaling guidelines in iOS and Android they should fit pretty nicely without demanding that the designer create new graphics (which they will most likely complain and not do). @3x goes into xxhdpi, @2x goes into xhdpi and @1x goes into mdpi.

Apparently code tags in WordPress doesn’t include spaces. So it’s available on GitHub gists here:

Decompiling Android applications

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It’s always great fun to reverse engineer something. Either if you have a goal or just want to have a look at what other people use.

I’ve previously used smali2java with rather good success, but only on smaller projects. And even then there’s a lot of parsing errors. So you end up losing entire (interesting) functions. Besides, it has to run through Wine on my desktop.

Recently came across some other tools that makes it even easier.

  • dex2jar
  • jd-gui
  • It’s remarkably easy and since I’ve used it it’s worked much better than smali2java. Even though it’s a two step process. The User Guide is extremely easy to follow.

    Android gradle on gitlab-ci with Sonar

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    Gradle has a bug where the plugin sonar-runner does not work properly. There is a fix in the nightly builds (2.1-rc1) which fixes this issue. However, the plugin android studio uses is way older than 2.1-rc1. And it’s not possible to use the newer gradle binary when building in android studio or outside.
    For version control I use gitlab and for continous integration testing I use gitlab-ci. Gitlab-ci uses runners that are decoupled from the server that hosts the code, which for security reasons is great.

    So this post is a guide in how to install a gitlab-ci runner with a sonar runner. Tested and working on Ubuntu 14.04.

    uchiwa sensu android app mockups

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    Started using uchiwa and sensu for monitoring my servers. So been playing around with the help of Taylor Ling’s building blocks for kitkat to create some mockups for an app.

    Dashboard / Home



    Some more examples playing around with it.

    More cards!

    Android app

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    Got the sending working yesterday so I spent some minutes to hack together a small android app in order to control my switches.

    Here’s a current sample on the json that the arduino outputs.

    Most of the time was used trying to find a good lightbulb icon :(.

    Nexus 7 minirecension (Uppdaterad)

    Nexus 7 minirecension (Uppdaterad)

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    Blev tilldelad en Nexus 7 av Google under Google I/O förra veckan och har senaste veckan använt den flitigt tillsammans med ex ADKn som jag skrev om i ett annat inlägg.

    För att få lite perspektiv och information så är jag också ägaren av en Galaxy 10.1 och även en Xoom. Så jag har använt större tablets.

    Bug in eclipse with latest ADT?

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    So, last night I updated to the latest ADT version. Which was 20.0.0.v201206242043-391819. The new updates that were presented at I/O rocks, helping out with fragments in the first activity and icons. That is just awesome. But there is just one little problem, it doesn’t seem to work.

    I have the latest support library installed (Revision 9).

    Google I/O Wrap Up

    Google I/O Wrap Up

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    I didn’t have time to write as much as I wanted. Since I am a developer I went to listen to the different sessions and loads of different media was there too. But here are some thoughts and a couple of pictures of some of the things I did last week. Read the full article to see the pictures.

    Google IO 2012 (Day 1)

    Google IO 2012 (Day 1)

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    Right, Google I/O 2012 started of yesterday.
    And these are some of the views and thoughts from the first day. Read the complete post in order to see all pictures!